• Smart Marina represents the first concrete steps and role model towards Smart Cities engaging actions for positive impact on environment.

  • Smart Marina requires the relevant management of all data and functions. The development of these innovative new solutions must be put at the service of sustainable and efficient marinas.
  • Smart Marina leads to the emergence of new business models from CAPEX to OPEX leading to new financial schemes
  • Smart and Sustainable Yachting is a perfect landscape for innovators to address its specific complexity: no existing standards, security challenges, need simple and efficient solutions, combination of owning and renting activities. Multiple management: people, waste, water, electricity, etc.
  • Monaco is a role model combining a unique marina expertise, access to technology including 5G, blockchain and a unique ecosystem.
  • Position Monaco as pivotal players in SMART and SUSTAINABLE YACHTING MARINAS: in line with the SEA Index first benchmark to measure superyacht CO 2 emissions developed by YCM and Credit Suisse, green yachts must be able to call into virtuous marinas.

Since 2011 YCM has shared its expertise in sustainable Yacht Club Marina concept and development. To support owner members in their choice of ports of calls, YCM launched ‘La Belle Classe Destinations a label that sets a standard of excellence in terms of quality of facilities services and safety with sustainability as a key pillar driving construction of facilities and delivery of services.